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GLass & Aluminium Works

Looking for
Aluminum and
Glass Partition?

The single or double glazed walls are not just a stylish glass partition wall, it is also an economical solution for your working environment. This is the only system, which allows installing glass panes horizontally in places where entrance is too small to fit large glass panels.

Aluminum profile can copy the look of the custom steel partition with significantly lower price and easier installation process. This design blends particularly well in modern and industrial office design.

Bringing your ideas to life

You’ve worked with an architect to create the perfect concept for your space. Now you need to figure out how you’re going to build it. That’s where we come in.

Working from your architectural design drawings, layouts and employer’s requirements documents, our pre-contract team will price your scheme at competitive rates.

Meanwhile, our technical design experts add the finer details to your design drawings. The result is a complete, fully specified design that’s ready to progress to the build stage. We manage the construction from start to finish, working with your professional team to ensure we deliver the space as envisaged.